Art and Illustration  
2018 Books Notes
New art which will cover a bend on traditional but creative landscape as well as the continued development of the abstract. Inticate designs, bold contrasts in shape and value and  the application of exciting color blends.

The original poieces will continue to use all media including transparent watercolor and gouache media, colored pencil, acrylic and oil pastel.

Look for  the new art to be depicted in a series of themes with a common thread in each piece developed from a unique origin.


From expansion to a perrenial favorite in the ASAHL playoffs, the Merryville Moose continue to develop a great hockey tradition through its players, fans and the Moose Mill Arena. Documentation of season's past, player profiles and the epic game stories of triumphant finishes and heartbreaking losses. Read and see all of it as it begins with the inaugural book "The Merryville Moose".  (32 pages)


New Art

Silent Forest  (View)

This series will finish with 24 - 30 watercolor paintings depicting scenes and images from the forests of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The paintings provide a unique application of color and design with special attention given to the development of mood and texture. These attributes are critical to the overall theme of "Silent Forest". Each painting is designed to capture the emotional attachment and/or total disregard that is experienced when referencing these fragile and beautiful natural resources. Color, lighting and composition are as unique to each piece as are the inspiration and emotion required to appreciate what each painting pays tribute to.


Fascination Street

Delving into the abstract world of art which creatively displays the textures, moods and mystery of the busy streets and lifestyle in the city. Success, failure, risks and calculated paths of hope and destiny. This 17 piece ensemble will entice, provoke and entertain the mind on all levels.


Forest Floor  (Colored Pencil)  30"W x 28"H

CAPSQ Concours Exhibit Bronze Medal of Excellence  2011    Montreal, Quebec



Watercolor  (44"W x 22"H)

This piece was entered in the 22nd Annual Concours-Gala International Exhibition in Montreal, Quebec in 2005. It received special recognition in the Watercolor Media Category for Excellence in Composition & Technique. The painting has since been exhibited in Alberta and Western Canada and continues to generate interest for the use of a large and varied palate.


Blueberry Aspen

Watercolor  14"W x 30"H

One of the twin paintings exhibited in the Kolibri Exhibit in Deggendorf, Germnay in 2006. This watercolor is typical of the subject matter for which the "Silent Forest" series is being built. The vertically dominant dimensions of this painting will be of set by larger  landscapes in the new series.

"Prairie Boys"

Watercolor  (22"H x 44"H)    

Whatever happened to the painting titled "Prairie Boys"? Created late in 2005, the painting was shown only once in an exhibition at The Schacknow Museum of Fine Arts in Plantation, Florida in January/February 2006. Although it was shipped back at the conclusion of the exhibition to be juried for the Western Art Showcase in Calgary, it never did arrive. The painting has gone missing and has yet to be recovered or given an explanation for it's absence.


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