Michael J.



Born and raised in Calgary, Michael has developed an appreciation for fine art through a desire to capture the unique and awe inspiring scenes and landscapes of the area in which he lives. The Bow River Valley and the Rocky Mountains are less than a hour away and provide an endless array of subject matter throughout the year.

His formal education has earned him a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Communications and Marketing. Working in  marketing and business communications as a graphic designer and marcom specialist, Michael has been given the opportunity on many occasions to develop promotional and marketing materials, much of which requires artistic applications in both hand-drawn and computer rendered graphics. His desire to paint is an extension of his work, where ideas and concepts that are neither acceptable nor fully utilized in a corporate business world, are fully developed and taken to a fine art level.

Michael is self-taught but continues to develop his artistic skills in watercolor and colored pencil media through the guidance of artist instructors in seminars and workshops throughout North America.  His medium of choice is watercolor but the development of colored pencil paintings over the past 2 - 3 years has resulted in an interest for these works as well. Although landscape represents a significant portion of his portfolio, imagery and surrealism have also become an area of accomplishment for Michael as well.




"Beautiful Burn"   (Watercolor and Ink)  30"H x 28"W

Colors and images rendered in watercolor can be very soft and developed with a great deal  of texture. Images such as fragments of wood and shapes that contrast in size and color create an interesting effect. A wide use of color can create paintings that appear complicated  to the eye even with the use of the most simple concepts.


"September Pallette"                  (Colored Pencil)  2014                    19"W x 25"H

With colored pencil I can achieve the intensity levels I require for images such as snow, shadows and night skies. The medium also allows me to blend edges on the paper to achieve soft edges and subtle color changes. Although a much more time involved process, the use of colored pencil is unmatched for its intense, rich results. 


"I enjoy the creative process, developing a thought or an idea and telling a story through images that project vibrant and bold colors and maintain strong aesthetic values. For me, these are the sources of quality compositions and expressions. The experiences and stories that inspire a great piece of art, are often just as intriguing as the art itself."

December, 2003





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